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We thrive on working diligently on technologies that help restore trust in media.


Our Mission.

What would you do "When seeing may no longer be believing"?
Our mission is to use a holistic approach to solve the complex problem of DeepFake content. We want to make the internet a safer & more enjoyable place by using the same technology that disturbs it. We want to ensure:

No disinformation.

With almost 100% increase in malicious DeepFake content over the past year, we want to make sure to curb the spread of misinformation as much as we can.

Brand Safety.

With the competition so vigorous, defaming brands and people are increasing at an alarming rate. We plan to safeguard the integrity of organizations and brands.

A safe civil society.

We want to reach the end user, educate them about DeepFake content to ensure that the civil society is aware and can safeguard themselves from malicious content.

Grow Businesses.

We understand the creative aspect of DeepFake content. We have artificially generated content library to help businesses to generate localized and personalized audio/videos.

How we detect DeepFakes?

Iron cuts Iron: We use state-of-the-art Deep Learning algorithms for DeepFake detections.
Our goal is to use AI to build innovative technologies that can help detect deepfakes and manipulated media. Here is how we do it:

Data Prep

Data collection and preparation is an essential part of our pipeline. We train on a huge collection of publicly available datasets and some proprietary sources. Given a video, we extract frames and we resize them to give the best results.

Face Extractor

We use image processing and light-weight deep learning face detectors to extract faces from frames. Besides bounding boxes, we also extract six keypoints for face landmarks (2x eyes, 2x ears, nose, mouth) which boosts our scores.


We add some complex augmentations and processing (like different encoding of the face from other parts of the image) to our input data to the model to train a classifier. We stack different models by validating the score to achieve the best results.

Insightful Inference

Easy, fast, accurate & reliable results. Available API end-points for integration. We have per-frame detection to detect any tampered/generated frame that could change the context of the video. We also have video level analytics to analyse global information of the video.

Integrate our Deepfake detection private beta?

We invite you to try out our private beta. Custom/Higher usage demands of our technology can be licensed depending on customer’s needs. As of today, we can provide the following services for free trial: API or SDK.


A ready to go cloud API that allows online access to its core functionalities via clean and REST-ful API. It allows you faster implementation and relieves you of any development concerns. Our cloud API would not be able to give you the best performance in private beta due to cloud limitations.

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SDK is a toolkit package of our core technology designed to work in an offline environment. It is a cost-effective way of obtaining deepfake detection technology used in a user-controlled environment with a simple integration process. You will have full access to the best features using our SDK.

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We look to partner with entities from various verticals.

The DeepFake content has its roots in many verticals and companies/organizations all across the globe are struggling to cope up with it. Here are some of the potential organizations we look to partner with:

Government Agencies.

DeepFakes are the biggest threat to democracies and Government Agencies. With DeepFake already playing a part in USA 2020 and Delhi 2020 elections, it's a threat to national security, politics, and economy.

News Organizations.

With so many realistic Deepfake contents, news organizations need to protect their reputation as reliable sources of information.

Porn Industry.

Today, 96% of all deepfake videos are pornographic. There are numerous examples of defaming and celebrity porn videos. It's a challenge for porn industry to track such videos.

Social Media Companies.

The end user may not be aware of sophisticated DeepFake technologies and hence it is vital to detect Deepfake in User generated content and prevent sharing misinformation.

Law Makers.

The DeepFake technology is so new that the Law Makers and police struggle to identify it, let alone making cyber laws and regulations. A robust detection algorithm is required as a base to formulate laws around malicious DeepFake.


We are always open to partner/share-tech with NGOs working to expose Deepfakes to counter misinformation, stop cyberbullying, and stop DeepFake pornography content.

Wait, if DeepFakes are so bad, why did we even create it!!!.

Our AI generated content library.

The entertainment industry is in the midst of a technological revolution, and DeepFakes stands at the forefront of it. DeepFake radically expands the possibilities for business practices. We understand the creative aspect of DeepFake content and have developed artificially generated content library to help businesses to generate localized and personalized content.

Generate localized and personalized videos using AI.

You can personalize your sales pitch, mass-media communication, or your corporate material. Forge more meaningful relationships with your global audiences using our powerful video content tools.

Audio translation/voice-over in any language.

Struggling with translation for an international client or for a voice over for your business videos are a thing of the past. With our advance synthetically generated voice/translation, you can maximise the potential of your video content and making it emotionally meaningful to more audiences all over the world.

Image Library

Need quality images for your personal and business use? Explore thousands of quality Artificial Intelligence generated images for your marketing and sales pitch. Royalty-free stock images, photos, and more for your creative projects and your business needs.